Being a Medical Doctor, an Ophthalmologist from Moscow, Russia, I have devoted my life to prevent and treat diseases. I graduated in the top 10% of the class from Moscow State Medical University.
I attended a 2 year advanced program for physicians, and received my qualification as a”physician-bio-engineer”.
I wrote and defended a thesis in management of consultive-diagnostic centers in Russia.
I was awarded “Inventor” for the method of corneal protection during cataract surgery.
I have 12 published articles, one of which published in Great Britain.
I have participated in WHO/World Health Organization meetings.
For 13 years I have worked in ophthalmology in the State of Florida.

I am grateful for having a loving and caring family and amazing children.
I am passionately concerned with personal growth and development.
I continuously strive to discover who I am and how I can become my best possible self.
I want other people to make this journey and to inspire them to grow as individuals so they may fulfill their potentials.

“I do not do great things. I only do small things with great LOVE”
~ Mother Theresa ~

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