Interest Profile


These people enjoy scientific activities and careers. They are very task oriented and aloof; the chess players. They like solving abstract problems and prefer to think than do. They enjoy ambiguous challenges and don’t like structured situations or rules. They are original, intellectually creative, disciplined, pessimistic, distant, and analytical. Typical careers: science, research, scholars.


This type is sociable, humanistic and concerned about the welfare of others; church work. They express themselves well and get along well with others. They enjoy others’ attention and enjoy discussing relationships with others. They don’t like physical work or machinery. They are cheerful, friendly, helpful and good leaders. Typical careers: teachers, counselors, nursing.


This type has great facility with words, especially in selling, dominating and influencing others; business. They are energetic, enthusiastic, adventurous, confident, and seek opportunities to lead. They are impatient with precise work or work involving long periods of intellectual effort. They like power, status and wealth and prefer expensive settings. They need challenge, enterprising tasks and ways to achieve advancement. Typical careers: sales, entrepreneurs, politicians.

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