Newsletter – What are the beliefs?

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviors. Keep your behaviors positive because your behaviors become your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny. ” Gandhi

Our thoughts are influenced by the kind of beliefs we have ,which affect our behavior, our relationships with others .

I would like to make some explanation about different kind of beliefs and how they impact our lives.

There are 4 levels of beliefs , described by Vianna Stibal  in her book” Theta Healing”

  • Core beliefs – what we are taught in this lifetime and accept from childhood,usually formed before age 6.

The mind of a child is delicate and perceives  their parents as  the first Gods or Goddesses.

These first imprints influence a child beliefs. It is so important to   be aware what we say  and how we say it.

As we exist in this lifetime we are building new core beliefs,but we always have a conscious choice what kind of beliefs we accept and what we deny  through the awareness of this ability and through  the freedom of free will.

This core belief level is held as energy at the forefront of the brain.

Vianna Stibal in her book  “ThetaHealing” examines  how 4 different children react to  Core belief  – “You will never achieve anything”

One child takes  the statement  literally and achieves nothing.

The second child becomes an over-achiever,constantly  attempting to prove it wrong. He never feels satisfied or good enough.

The third child accepts this belief as “real”, yet having influential person in his life who tells the child how wonderful he is,  believes in both programs at the same time. “Dual” belief system  is formed.

The forth child rejects the belief completely and follows his path of free will.

  • Genetic level – carried over from ancestors or are being added to the genes in this life

Gene   can be seen as a sequence of DNA that is coded for specific  protein.

These proteins determine specific traits as height, body shape,color of hair, eyes, blood type

Around strands of DNA is a field of knowledge called “morphogenetic field”, which holds and stores genetic feelings and emotions.

There are beliefs stored in  morphogenetic ” field” of energy,which can go back at least 7 generations.

Some of these beliefs are beneficial to us ,some are not.

The Genetic level is held    inside   the Pineal Gland as energy  in the morphogenetic field around Master Cell.  It is the operation center for all the other cells in the body.

The Pineal Gland has been referred to by Descartes as the “seat of the soul” , by ancient  Greeks as our connection to our realm of higher thought.

Pineal gland is located in the center of the mid brain and plays an active role during our childhood development .As we grow the Pineal Gland begins to diminish both in size and influence.

By adulthood it is only about the size of a pea and usually appears calcified..

  • History level – can be identified as collective consciousness experiences that we carry into the present.
  • Soul level- this is all that a person “is”, it is “a spark of the Divine”,part of us that knows Creator.

ThetaHealing™ allows you to reprogram your mind, change your  subconscious beliefs. Many of our blocks are held at the subconscious level.

We pick up beliefs and perceptions (we’re basically ‘programmed’) throughout our lifetime, sometimes starting in utero or even prior to that. Many of these ‘programs’ limit our ability to really thrive only because we buy into something that makes us see ourselves as less than we truly are.