Preferred Customer Program

Dr. Tatyana Sutherland highly recommends becoming a PREFERRED CUSTOMER and SAVE 10%.on All purchases

As a Preferred Customer you may make a one-time order or go on Autoship.

Autoship provides you the greatest savings, and you are NOT locked in to any contract. You may change or cancel your order at any time..

To become a Preferred Customer, you may  contact me or call USANA toll free at 1-888-950-9595 and become a Preferred Customer and go on Autoship!

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The products can be purchased from my website ,click  products or on Shop on line /left upper corner/ and choose the product you would like to order.

Take the Free Health Assesment from my website, print it out .

I offer a nitritional package to review your needs and customize your order for maximum effectiveness, click here to packages

Preferred Customer Catalog (US English) explains the features and benefits of each product.

Best products to start out:

Essentials – fundamental Nutrition/vitamins,minerals,antioxidants/ plus “Olivol”patented extract from  olives,protecting  LDL from oxidation. Click here website, click on products” or on shop online

Health Pak – Essentials plus additional Calcium, Resveratrol,grape seed extract in a convenient AM and PM  packs,perfect  and easy  to reach daily nutritional goals  for athletes,busy adults. Click on my website, products or shop on line

RESET– lose 5 lbs in 5 days/results can vary/click here on Reset

REV3- Energy Drink: no artificial flavors,sweeteners,preservatives or colors,contains Energy complex with  L- carnitine, Tea,Ginseng,Rhodiola,cacao,coenzymeQ10   Click here on website, products or shop on line

SENSE/skin products/- complete line of skin care with AntiAging technologies and exclusive topical nutrition complexes. Click here on website, or shop on line SENSE

To read more about Sense products,click on my website, click on “SENSE” under the picture, on a new screen click on on the right