What To Look For?

What to look for when you choosing a business?

Select the right product or service for your business.
The most profitable business is one that has a product that is unique and consumable – or a service that is inique and renewable.

“Unique” means the customer must buy it from you. This is because the product is the highest quality covered by patents or only available in certain stores or from select distributors.

“Consumable” means the customer reorders the product continually from your initial effort. This is the key component of creating wealth.

“Renewable” is similar to consumable, and it means that the customer renews their service with you on a regular or consistent basis.

The right product or servicee at the right time will create busines success and vice a versa a product or service introduced at the wromg time will cause business failure. The “right time” is created by supplying a good product or service to a huge expanding market.

Huge Expanding Market

Nonexistent 20 years ago, the Wellness Industry currently dominates over every other, including even the Hi-Tech sector. Economist and Professor Paul Zane Pilzer estimates that the wellness revolution will continue to develop at a record pace of 500% a year to reach approximately $1.5 trillion in business in the next few years, for the U.S. market alone.