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Universal Love uniting us, unifying us, underwriting us, saving us


I believe in
the power of our choices and our attitude.
I believe
everything is possible.
I believe in
Heaven. Here, there, everywhere.

I believe in
the space between the spaces.

And that Life is always in Divine Order, even when we can’t see it.

I believe
there is always a Higher Plan.

I believe
we are all one,
And in our oneness lies our greatest strengths.
I believe
that when one of us is doing better, all of us are.

I believe in
invisible things, forces not seen, unexplained and yet to be defined.

And the power of miracles.

I believe in faith.

I believe in the sun,
in the stars,
in the sea,
and in the cool, quiet, secret places in the woods

I believe in peace.

I believe
in all of us, even the forgotten.
I believe
in our intrinsic goodness.
I believe
we can, we will, we must stay connected.
I believe
we are only as strong as our weakest spot.

I believe in you.
And I believe in me.
I believe
in our power as individuals.
I believe
in our collective power.
And the power of our evolving consciousness.
I believe
in the power of all possibilities.
I believe in us.

I believe in Love.

Source: Laura Scott

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