Muscle Testing

The ThetaHealing™ process begins with accurate muscle testing.

Muscle testing is used to ask questions of your subconscious to determine what beliefs you are currently holding on any given area of interest. 

It’s important to understand that muscle testing isn’t a test of the truth of the statement about an issue. Instead it is a test of your subconscious’ belief about that issue

 Many of us are familiar with some form of muscle testing. One way is to ask “yes” and “no” questions and get answers from your body: Use your hands to feel if your fingers hold strong (yes) or go weak (no) when you make a statement.

 Any muscle group can be used because your whole body gets temporarily stronger when you think a thought that resonates with what your subconscious mind believes, and your whole body gets temporarily weaker when you think a thought that does not.

 More Details About Muscle Testing

One muscle testing technique used in ThetaHealing™ involves a simple standing muscle test.

Although this will work when you are facing any direction, it seems to produce a stronger, more easily identifiable result when you face magnetic north.

Before testing yourself, make sure that you are well hydrated and well mineralized because your body will  respond more clearly to the muscle testing.

Drink one or more glasses of pure water. 
If your body still isn’t hydrated enough, you can place the palms of your hands over your kidneys (stretching down below the last rib on your back) and apply firm pressure for about 30 seconds. This will temporarily trick your body into thinking that it is well hydrated.

Once you’re testing clearly and accurately on things you know the answer to, you can test any yes/no statement and see what your subconscious mind believes about it.

Please watch the video below about THeta Healing Muscle Testing demonstration

Vianna Stibal has developed long lists of beliefs to test – fundamental beliefs that either cause us unnecessary self-limitation and unhappiness or bring us great power and happiness. A ThetaHealing™ practitioner can help you pull out the first sort of belief and replace it with the second.

Here are some good beliefs to start with in muscle testing your self. You will want to have all of these:
  • I am worthy of infinite love and the Creator’s love
  • God loves me unconditionally
  • I know what it feels like to be completely, unconditionally loved
  • I know what it feels like and how to love completely, unconditionally
  • I know what if feels like to have money
  • I know what joy feels like
  • I know what it is possible to be loved
  • I know how to manifest and witness miracles
  • I know how to live my daily life with love
  • I know what it feels like to be vibrantly healthy
  • I know it is possible to have money
  • I know how to let somebody else be who they are.

If you are missing any of these, ThetaHealing™ can clear out anything standing in the way and then instill them into your subconscious.
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